About DNSWatchGO Licenses

WatchGuard offers several subscription security services that are licensed per user. You purchase the licenses based on the number of users you have. You can activate and manage these licenses on the WatchGuard portal in the Support Center. From Support Center, on the Manage Products page, you can see the activated licenses for your account. Click the name of a product to see the details and history of that product license.

If you activate DNSWatchGO in an account with an active AuthPoint license, the license page for DNSWatchGO shows both AuthPoint and DNSWatchGO licenses.

DNSWatchGO License Activation

When you purchase a license for DNSWatchGO, you are given a license key to activate on the WatchGuard website.

If you have an active trial license, when you activate your first license it replaces your trial license. The trial ends and your new license becomes active immediately. Your new license inherits the name of your trial license.

Once you have an active license for DNSWatchGO, you have several options when you activate additional license keys. Within the activation process, you can:

  • Add users to a license
  • Extend a license
  • Add a new license (Partner only)

When you add users or extend a license, the new license is merged with your active license and the two licenses are co-terminated or co-termed. When licenses are co-termed, a new expiration date is calculated based on your updated user count and the term length of the license you activated. For more information about how to calculate your co-term changes, see Co-Term DNSWatchGO Licenses.

To learn how to activate a license, see Activate a DNSWatchGO or Passport License.

Renewals and Upgrades

To renew a license or modify a license, purchase a new license and activate it. When you activate the new license you can choose whether you want to add users or extend your current license.

If you choose to add users, the users you purchased are added to your current user count. So if you have 50 users and purchase 100 users, your final user count after you activate your license is 150 users (50 users + 100 new users).

When you extend your license, if you purchased the same number of users that you currently have, your license is extended for another period (one or three years). If you purchased more users than are on your current license, your user count is immediately updated to match the number of users on the license you purchased. So if you have 50 users and purchase 100 users, when you choose to extend your license your final user count after you activate the new license is 100 users (the number of users on the license you purchased).

To renew with fewer users, purchase the desired number of users and choose Extend License when you activate your license key.

When you renew your license with fewer users, you should do so close to your expiration date. If you activate the license key before your expiration date, your user count is reduced immediately.

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