About Tokens

A token is something that contains information used to prove identity, like a digital signature or fingerprint. You activate or install a token on a device used for authentication (known as an authenticator). You can then use this device to gain access to protected resources that require MFA.

To confirm your identity when you authenticate, you must prove that you have possession of the authenticator, or token, assigned to you.

AuthPoint can use two types of tokens:

Software Tokens

A software token is a token that you activate and install with the AuthPoint app on your mobile device.

When you create a user in AuthPoint, a software token is automatically created for them. The user receives an email with instructions to download the AuthPoint mobile app and activate the token on a mobile device. For more information, see Activate a Software Token and Add New Software Tokens.

Hardware Tokens

A hardware token is a physical device with a built-in token. To assign hardware tokens to users, you must buy supported hardware tokens from a vendor and import the tokens to AuthPoint. For more information, see Third-Party Hardware Tokens.

Each AuthPoint user can have up to 20 software tokens and any number of hardware tokens. Before a user can authenticate with AuthPoint, they must have at least one active hardware or software token.

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