Add New Software Tokens

Applies To: AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication, AuthPoint Total Identity Security

To use more than one mobile device for authentication, a user must have more than one WatchGuard software token. A separate WatchGuard token is needed for each device that will be used for authentication.

If you are an AuthPoint administrator, you can create additional tokens for a user on the Users page. When you do this, the user receives an email to activate the new token in the AuthPoint mobile app.

The primary reasons to create a new token for a user are:

  • To allow authentication with more than one device
  • A user's token was deleted

Each AuthPoint user can have up to 20 WatchGuard tokens, plus any third-party tokens they use with the AuthPoint mobile app.

You cannot add a new token for a user who has a pending token. The user must first activate their existing token. For more information, see Resend Activation Email and Activate a Token.

To create additional tokens for a user:

  1. Select Users.
  2. Click and select Add New Token.
    The user receives an email message to activate their new token.

  1. The user activates the new token in the AuthPoint mobile app on a new mobile device (or their current device if their token was deleted). The user can now use this device for authentication.
    After the user has activated their new token, the token is listed on the Users page in the Token column.

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