Activate a Software Token

Before you can authenticate with AuthPoint, you must activate your token. A token is something that contains information that is used to identify you and associate you with a device.

You activate a token on a device that is used for authentication, such as a mobile phone. This device is then used to gain access to protected resources that require multi-factor authentication.

The AuthPoint app must be installed on your mobile device before you activate your token.

There are two ways to activate a token on your mobile device. You can use the link in the Activation email that is sent to you or you can navigate to the IdP portal and click the Activate Token link on the authentication page. You might choose to activate your token from the authentication page if you do not receive the Activation email or if MFA is required for your email account.

Tokens are specific to the device they are activated on. If you want to use multiple devices for authentication, you must activate a separate token on each device you plan to use.

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