Token Management

Applies To: AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication, AuthPoint Total Identity Security

When you open the AuthPoint app, the Token Management page appears. On this page, you can see your tokens, the current one-time password (OTP) for each token, and the amount of time each OTP is valid.

Next to each token is a menu with options to edit your token, view your token info, and delete your token. When you edit a token, you can customize the token name and image.

Tokens that are protected with a PIN have a hidden OTP and a locked menu. Before you can use protected tokens, you must unlock them. For more information, see Token Security.

To change the order of your tokens in the Tokens list, tap and hold a token, and drag it up or down to move it (on iOS, tap Edit first). This is helpful if you often use a specific token to authenticate.

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