Authentication Without Your Mobile Device

Applies To: AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication, AuthPoint Total Identity Security

If you forget your mobile device at home, or do not have access to it for some other reason, your AuthPoint administrator can allow you to log in without your mobile device for a set amount of time.

Follow these steps if you do not have access to the mobile device you use for authentication:

  1. Contact your AuthPoint administrator and tell them that you do not have access to your mobile device.
  2. When asked for an Activation Code, click Forgot Token.
  1. Provide your AuthPoint administrator with the Activation Code shown in the Forgot Token window.

  1. In the Password text box, type your AuthPoint password. This is only necessary if you enable the Forgot Token feature from the SSO page.
  2. Type the Period (hour) and Verification Code values that your AuthPoint administrator gives to you.
  3. Click Validate.
    You are logged in to the protected resource.

After you validate your password and the Period and Verification Code values, you are logged in. AuthPoint multi-factor authentication is disabled for the time period specified by your account administrator. For the specified amount of time, you can log in with only your user name and password.

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