About WatchGuard Discover

Applies To: Wi-Fi Cloud-managed Access Points (AP120, AP125, AP225W, AP320, AP322, AP325, AP327X, AP420)

Discover is a powerful cognitive Wi-Fi configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting tool that combines the power of large cloud data and advanced analytics intelligence to monitor the health of your Wi-Fi networks and automate Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

Discover provides an easy-to-read big picture overview with the ability to narrow down the focus to specific details to identify and solve connectivity and performance issues on your network.

With Discover you can:

  • Configure Wi-Fi networks, AP settings, and WIPS security
  • View a live snapshot of a wireless client's Wi-Fi journey across all your locations
  • Focus on visual dashboards with the ability to drill down into client and AP events to quickly troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • With the capacity of cloud data, review data for the past week with baselines for client failures, application experience, and performance
  • Receive alerts when a network anomaly occurs above baseline thresholds sent to you by alert display, email, or syslog.
  • Perform client connectivity tests using WatchGuard APs with a third radio to continuously test if application experience, network performance, and Wi-Fi is within expected baselines, and generate alerts if issues detected
  • Remotely troubleshoot problems with live spectrum analysis and client debugging

Screen shot of the main Discover Dashboard page

The Discover interface includes these functional areas:

  • Dashboard — Provides informative dashboards that display overall Wi-Fi network and security status, and helps you quickly narrow down the cause of connectivity and security issues.
  • Monitor — Provides detailed monitoring information about APs, clients, networks, radios, alerts, WIPS status, and applications in use on your Wi-Fi network.
  • Configure — Enables you to configure Wi-Fi networks, AP settings, and WIPS security settings.
  • Troubleshoot — Provides tools that help you resolve issues on your Wi-Fi network.
  • Floor Plans — Add floor plans to a location then drag and drop APs onto the floor plan and perform AP actions and generate RF heat maps.
  • Reports — Generate and view reports about your Wi-Fi networks.
  • System — System-related settings for WIPS banned devices and WLAN integration, locations navigator, audit logs, AP server key communications, and third-party server integration such as syslog, SNMP, and Google integration.

Connect To Discover

You can access Discover from the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Launchpad Dashboard, or go to https://discover.watchguard.cloudwifi.com/.

Screen shot of the Discover tile on the Launchpad Dashboard