Floor Plans

You can add floor plans to a location in Discover. You can then drag and drop APs onto the floor plan and perform actions on the APs and generate RF heat maps.

Add A Floor Plan

To add a floor plan to a location:

  1. Select the location where you want to add the floor plan from the Locations tree.
  2. Select Floor Plans.
  3. Click Add New Floor Plan.

Screen shot of the Add New Floor Plan page

  1. In the Floor Plan Name text box, type a descriptive name for the floor plan.
  2. In the Upload Floor Plan section, click Upload Image, then select the file you want to upload.

SPM files are not available for use in Discover.

  1. In the Floor Plan Dimensions section, from the Unit drop-down list, select the unit of measure, then type the Length (Horizontal) and Width (Vertical) of the floor plan.
  2. Click Save.

Add APs to a Floor Plan

To add APs to a floor plan:

  1. Select the location of the floor plan.
  2. Select Floor Plans, then open the floor plan.
  3. From the right panel, drag and drop APs to their location on the floor plan.

Screen shot of a floor plan with AP placement

Perform AP Actions from a Floor Plan

You can perform several actions on an AP from a floor plan.

To perform actions on the AP:

  1. Select the location for the floor plan.
  2. Select Floor Plans, then open the floor plan.
  3. Right-click on an AP on the floor plan, then select the action to perform.
  • Update Firmware — Update the firmware on an AP.
  • Run Client Connectivity Test — Run a client connectivity test on the AP. For more information, see Client Connectivity Test.
  • Capture Packet Trace — Perform a packet trace on an AP. For more information, see Capture Packet Trace.
  • Packet Trace History — View the packet trace history for a selected AP.
  • Customize Transmit Power or channel — Manage the transmission power of the AP.
  • Reboot — Reboots the AP.
  • Rename — Renames the AP.
  • Delete — Deletes the AP from the list of available APs.
  • Remove from Floor Plan — Remove the AP from the floor plan.
  • Access Point Event Logs — Display the AP event logs. For more information, see Access Point Event Logs.
  • View Access Point Details — Display details about the AP.