The Discover Troubleshoot page provides tools that help you resolve issues on your Wi-Fi network.

Screen shot of the Troubeshoot page in Discover

You can use these tools:

  • Client Connectivity Test — From the third-radio of a nearby AP, you can perform a client connectivity test to troubleshoot an AP that experiences client connectivity issues.
  • Capture Packet Trace — Intercept and analyze data packets sent between wireless clients and APs to troubleshoot network and connectivity issues.
  • Spectrum Analysis — Visualize the radio frequencies operating in your area and determine the strength of the detected signals.
  • Live Client Debugging — View the live logs of a client connection to troubleshoot client issues.
  • Debug Logs — Download AP debug log files to troubleshoot device issues.

You can also run these troubleshooting tests directly from the Access Points or Clients section from the Monitor page.

Right-click the AP or client, then select the required action from the list. For more information, see Monitor Access Points and Monitor Clients.

Screen shot of the AP actions available from the Monitor > WiFi > Access Points page