WatchGuard Cloud Authentication Domains

An authentication domain is a domain associated with one or more external authentication servers. In WatchGuard Cloud, you can add your authentication domain, and specify authentication servers, users, and groups. You can use authentication domains for user authentication to multiple cloud-managed devices.

WatchGuard Cloud authentication domain server types:

  • Active Directory

To manage authentication domains, in WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. If you are a Service Provider, select the name of the managed subscriber account.
  2. Select Configure > Authentication Domains.
    The Authentication Domains page opens.

From this page, you can add and manage shared authentication domains for the selected account. For more information, see:

After you add the authentication domain and add users and groups, you can add the domain to cloud-managed devices so they can use it for user authentication.

For information about how to configure the Firebox to use authentication domains, see Add an Authentication Domain to a Firebox.

For information about how to configure access points to use authentication domains, see Access Point Authentication Domains.

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