Dashboard Reports

WatchGuard Cloud includes predefined reports that are automatically generated from the log message data from your connected Fireboxes.

WatchGuard Cloud includes these Dashboard reports:

Report Description
Executive Dashboard Includes a high-level view of the traffic through the selected device. This includes top countries, top clients, top domains, top URL categories, top destinations, top applications, top application categories, and top protocols.
Security Dashboard Includes a high-level view of the top security threats in areas protected by your subscription services.
Subscription Dashboard Includes a high-level view of all subscription services that are active on the device for the selected date and time range.
Threat Map A visual representation of the countries from which attacks on your network originate.
Firewatch A real-time, interactive report tool that groups, aggregates, and filters statistics about the traffic through your device.
Policy Map An interactive report tool that shows a visualization of the traffic flows through your device.

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