About Firebox Authentication Settings

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

On the Firebox Device Configuration page, there are two methods to configure user authentication.

Authentication Domains

If you have an authentication domain, you can add the domain to WatchGuard Cloud. With this option, you add the domain, and specify authentication servers, users, and groups for the domain. The domain is a shared configuration setting. After you add the authentication domain to WatchGuard Cloud, you can add it to multiple cloud-managed Fireboxes in your account.

For more information, see:

Firebox Database

You can use the Firebox itself as an authentication server. With this option, you add the users and groups to the Firebox authentication database (Firebox DB).

For more information, see Configure Firebox Database User Authentication.

After you add an authentication domain or add Firebox users and groups, you can specify users and groups in firewall policies, aliases, and mobile VPN settings.

To allow users to connect to the Firebox to authenticate, enable connections to the Firebox Authentication Portal. For more information, see Enable the Authentication Portal on the Firebox.

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