Configure the Source and Destination in a Firewall Policy

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

This feature is only available to participants in the WatchGuard Cloud Beta program.

In a firewall policy for a cloud-managed Firebox, you specify the source and destination of the connections the policy applies to. A connection must match both the source and destination for the policy to apply to that traffic. For a Custom policy, you also select the traffic direction the policy applies to.

Screen shot of the Source and Destination settings in a firewall policy

You can add these types of addresses as a policy source or destination: 

  • Aliases — A custom alias or a built-in alias
  • Firebox Networks — The name of a Firebox network, such as Internal or External
  • Firebox DB Group — A group in the Firebox database
  • Firebox DB User — A user in the Firebox database
  • Host IPv4 — The IPv4 address of a host
  • Network IPv4 — The IPv4 address of a network
  • Host Range IPv4 — A range of IPv4 addresses
  • FQDN — A fully qualified domain name, such as *

For more information about custom and built-in aliases, see Configure Firebox Aliases.

For more information about Firebox DB users and groups, see Configure Firebox Database User Authentication.

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