Connect to the Firebox Authentication Portal

This feature is only available to participants in the WatchGuard Cloud Beta program.

If you add Firebox users or add an authentication domain to a cloud-managed Firebox, users can authenticate to the firewall. This is called firewall authentication. To authenticate, users can connect to the Firebox Authentication Portal on port 4100.

For information about how to configure user authentication for a cloud-managed Firebox, see: 

For information about settings to enable users to connect the Authentication Portal, see Enable the Authentication Portal on the Firebox.

If you configure the Firebox with more than one authentication domain, the user must select the authentication domain when they log in. For authentication to the Firebox database, the domain is Firebox-DB.

For a user to authenticate from an internal network:

  1. In a web browser, go to https://<Firebox internal network IP address>:4100.
    The Firebox authentication page appears.

Screen shot of the Firebox authentication page

  1. Type the Username and Password.
  2. From the Domain drop-down list, select the domain to use for authentication.
    This option only appears if you can choose from more than one domain.
  3. Click Login.

If the credentials are valid, authentication is successful.

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