About Data Retention Licenses

In WatchGuard Cloud, the data retention period is the number of days that Firebox data is stored in WatchGuard Cloud. You can assign a Data Retention license to a Firebox to extend the data retention period in WatchGuard Cloud. Each Data Retention license is compatible with specific Firebox models.

Each Data Retention license has these properties:

  • Model Compatibility — the Firebox models you can assign the license to
  • Days — the number of days of data to store in WatchGuard Cloud
  • Expiration date — the date the license subscription expires

License Activation Options

When you activate a Data Retention license key, you have several options for how to use your license. You can:

  • Add a new Data Retention license
  • Add data retention days to an existing license
  • Extend the expiration date of an existing license

For more information, see Activate a Data Retention License.

When you extend the data retention period or expiration date of an existing license, the new license merges with your existing Data Retention license and the two licenses are co-termed. When licenses are co-termed, a new expiration date is calculated based on your updated days of data retention and the term length of the license you activated. For more information about the co-term calculation, see Co-Term Data Retention Licenses.

Assign a Data Retention License to a Firebox

When you activate a Data Retention license, the license is added to your WatchGuard Cloud account. You assign the license to a Firebox in WatchGuard Cloud. For more information, see Manage Data Retention Licenses.

To increase the data retention period for an active/active FireCluster, you must assign a data retention license to each cluster member. For more information, see About Data Retention and Data Deletion.

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