Firebox Monitoring and Configuration Features

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes

Some of the features described in this topic are only available to participants in the WatchGuard Cloud Beta program. If a feature described in this topic is not available in your version of WatchGuard Cloud, it is a beta-only feature.

In WatchGuard Cloud, you can add a Firebox as a locally-managed or cloud-managed device. The monitoring and configuration features available in WatchGuard Cloud depend on whether the Firebox is cloud-managed or locally-managed.

If you previously configured a FireCluster, you can add it to WatchGuard Cloud. The FireCluster remains locally managed, which means you must log in to the FireCluster locally to manage the Fireware and FireCluster configurations. However, you can view cluster-related logs and upgrade, reboot, or fail over the cluster in WatchGuard Cloud. For more information, see About FireCluster in WatchGuard Cloud.

WatchGuard Cloud Functionality Locally-Managed Cloud-Managed
Configure Firebox settings in WatchGuard Cloud


Configure shared device settings in templates


Revert to a previously deployed configuration


Monitor live status (network status, routes, VPNs, users, etc.)


View log messages and reports

Upgrade firmware

Manage Firebox backups

Reboot the Firebox
View log messages for a FireCluster  

Upgrade firmware for a FireCluster

Reboot a FireCluster  
Fail over an active/passive FireCluster  

A cloud-managed Firebox supports configuration of the most secure and most frequently used Fireware features. It does not support every feature that is configurable for a locally-managed Firebox.

WatchGuard Cloud does not currently support configuration of some Fireware features that are available with Policy Manager and Management Server, such as:

  • FireCluster
  • Dynamic Routing
  • spamBlocker
  • Access Portal

WatchGuard will regularly add more features to WatchGuard Cloud. For information about upcoming features, see this knowledge base article: WatchGuard Cloud Features for Firebox Configuration.

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