Enable Gateway AntiVirus in a Proxy Policy

The proxy action defines when Gateway AntiVirus scans content. You can configure rules for a proxy to use Gateway AntiVirus to scan content in multiple categories for each proxy action.

Proxy Actions Categories with the AV Scan action
FTP-Proxy Download, Upload
SMTP-Proxy, IMAP-Proxy, POP3 -Proxy

Attachments: Content Types
Attachments: File Names

HTTP-Proxy, Explicit-Proxy, TCP-UDP

Requests: URL Paths
Responses: Content Types
Responses: Body Content Types

There are two methods to enable Gateway AntiVirus in a proxy action

Enable Gateway AntiVirus in the Gateway AV settings in the proxy action

In the Gateway AV settings in a proxy action, select the Enable Gateway AntiVirus check box. This automatically configure rules in the proxy action to use the AV Scan action instead of the Allow action.

Select the AV Scan action for individual rules in the proxy action

Select the AV Scan action for rules in the proxy action in one of the categories listed above. This enables Gateway AntiVirus for the proxy action, but only sets the AV Scan action for the specific rule. It does not change the action for other rules in the proxy action from Allow to AV Scan.

You can also enable Gateway AntiVirus from the Gateway AntiVirus configuration settings. In the Gateway AntiVirus configuration you can use a wizard to automatically change the Allow action to AV Scan for proxy policies you select. For more information, go to Enable Gateway AntiVirus with a Wizard.

When you select the AV Scan action, the proxy also uses APT Blocker to scan the content if APT Blocker is enabled in the proxy action. For more information, go to Enable or Disable APT Blocker for a Proxy Policy.

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