Enable Gateway AntiVirus with a Wizard

To enable Gateway AntiVirus actions in multiple proxy policies you can use a wizard in Policy Manager or Fireware Web UI. When you use a wizard to enable Gateway AntiVirus for proxy policies, the wizard configures the policies to scan allowed traffic for viruses. To do this, the wizard configures rules in the proxy action to use the AV Scan action instead of the Allow action.

If you use the wizard to create an SMTP policy, the wizard creates a default SMTP proxy policy, which uses static NAT. To create this default SMTP proxy policy, your Firebox must have at least one external interface with a static IP address or PPPoE. The wizard adds only one policy even if you have more than one external interface. The To list of the policy has a static NAT entry, (the static IP address of the first external interface to the specified email service IP address). If this default policy does not meet your requirements, add the SMTP proxy policy before you use this wizard to enable Gateway AntiVirus.

The wizard enables Gateway AntiVirus with default settings in the proxy actions you selected.

To further customize your Gateway AntiVirus configuration you can:

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