About Gateway AntiVirus Scan Limits

In the Gateway AntiVirus settings, the Scan size limit controls the maximum size of files that can be scanned by Gateway AntiVirus. Gateway AntiVirus does not scan files larger than the configured scan size limit.

Scan Limits in Fireware OS v12.x

In Fireware v12.0.1 and higher, Gateway AntiVirus default and maximum scan size limits are based on the hardware capabilities of each Firebox model.

The default and maximum scan size limits changed in Fireware v12.0.1. When you upgrade Fireware OS, the Gateway AntiVirus Scan size limit does not automatically change to the new default. We recommend that you update the Scan size limit to the default value for your Firebox model, listed in the table below. This value sets the maximum file size to scan for Gateway AntiVirus and IntelligentAV.

Minimum scan size for all models is 1 MB.

Default Scan
Size Limit
Maximum Scan Size Limit RAM Device Model
1 MB 5 MB 512 MB Firebox T10
2 MB 10 MB 1 GB Firebox T15, T30, XTM 330, Firebox Cloud Small, FireboxV Micro, FireboxV Small, XTMv Small
5 MB 20 MB 2 GB Firebox T20, T35, T50, T55, T70, M200, XTM 515, XTM 525, XTM 535, XTM 545, XTM 810, XTM 820, XTM 830, XTM 830-F, Firebox Cloud Medium, FireboxV Medium, XTMv Medium
10 MB 20 MB 4 GB or more All other Firebox models

The scan limit also limits the maximum size of files that APT Blocker sends for analysis. APT Blocker can analyze files up to 10 MB in size. If you set the Gateway AntiVirus scan limit to higher than 10 MB, APT Blocker does not analyze files larger than 10MB. In Fireware 12.3 Update 1 or later, APT Blocker can submit the MD5 hash values of files larger than 10MB to the cloud-based data center. For more information, go to About APT Blocker.

If you enable DLP and Gateway AntiVirus for the same proxy action, the larger configured scan limit is used for both services.

For information about how to set the scan limit, go to Configure Gateway AntiVirus Actions.

Gateway AntiVirus can scan inside compressed files, such as ZIP files. For information about Gateway AntiVirus decompression, go to Gateway AntiVirus Global Settings.

Scan Limits in Fireware OS Version 11.x

Fireware v11.x supported partial file scanning and had lower default scan limits. For more information about Gateway AntiVirus scan limit settings and behavior in Fireware v11.x, go to About Gateway AntiVirus Scan Limits in Fireware v11.12.4 Help.

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