View DNSWatch Weekly Reports

DNSWatch stores summary information about the top 20 domains and domain categories in DNS queries from your protected networks. From the DNS Weekly Reports page, you can generate a weekly report of this data for any one week period.

You can select a weekly date range and can apply filters to the reports to view information for a specific protected network.

The available weekly reports are:

  • Top 20 Domains Requested — This chart shows the top 20 domains requested for the selected week. To hide a domain from the chart, click the domain name on the right.
  • Requests per Hour — This chart shows the number of DNS requests per hour for the selected week.

By default, the Top 20 Domains Requested report combines domains into categories. If a domain does not match a category, the domain is ranked and is shown separately. You can choose whether to combine domains into groups in weekly reports.

To view DNSWatch weekly reports:

  1. Log in to your DNSWatch account.
  2. Select Report > DNS Weekly Reports.
    The DNS Weekly Reports page appears. By default, the reports show DNS activity for all networks for the current week.

Screen shot of the settings for DNSWatch Weekly Reports

  1. To toggle between data for Protected Networks and DNSWatchGO Clients, select the appropriate button on the page.
  2. To change the time period for the report, click Previous Week or Next Week.
  3. To view reports for a specific network, from the Filter by Network drop-down list, select the name of the network. Each network name is the external interface of a protected Firebox.
  4. If you do not want to report on top domains by category, clear the Group domains by category check box.

DNSWatch Weekly Reports are available after several hours of DNS requests have been made from your protected networks. For a new DNSWatch account without protected networks, the reports show example data.

Screen shot of the DNSWatch Top 20 Domains Requested report

The DNSWatch Top 20 Domains Requested report with example data.

Screen shot of the DNSWatch Requests Per Hour report with example data

The DNSWatch Requests Per Hour report with example data

DNSWatch weekly reports show only the top 20 domains or domain categories. You can also search the recent DNS traffic history for a specific domain. For more information, go to Search DNSWatch DNS Traffic History.

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