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The DNSWatch Domain Search feature is the easiest way to determine whether a domain is currently found on a Domain Feed, the Allowlist or Blocklist. From the Domain Search results, you can select actions to add or remove domains from the Allowlist or Blocklist.

The domain search feature is available in the DNSWatch Domains menu, and is also available from the Blocklist and Allowlist pages.

Search for a Domain

Search results include the specified domain and any subdomains. The results tell you the DNSWatch status for the domain based on your content filter policies, Allowlists and Blackhole lists. If the specified domain is not found, it appears in the search results as an allowed domain.

Domain Search Actions

From the search results on the Domain Search page, you can select an action to add or remove a domain or subdomain from the Blocklist or Allowlist. The available action depends on whether the domain or subdomain is allowed, or was found on the Allowlist, Blocklist, or a Feed. To see the available action for a domain or subdomain in a search result, click Actions.

For each item in the Domain Search results, you can take these actions:

Add to Blocklist

For an allowed domain, this action adds the domain to the DNSWatch Domains Blocklist.

Remove from Blocklist

For a domain found on your DNSWatch Blocklist, this action removes it from the Domain Blocklist.

Add to Allowlist

For a domain or subdomain found on a Feed, this action adds it to the Domain Allowlist.

Remove from Allowlist

For a domain or subdomain found on the Allowlist, this action removes it from the Domain Allowlist.

Domain Search is also available from the Domain Allowlist and Domain Blocklist pages. From those pages you can also add and remove domains from the Domain Allowlist, Domain Blocklist and Domain Filterlist. For more information, go to:

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