Manage Filtered Domains

DNSWatch uses a variety of malicious domain feeds and other intelligence when you apply content filtering. If you want to filter a domain that does not appear in a feed, you can manually add the domain to the Domain Filterlist. When you add a domain to the list, DNSWatch blocks the domain and all sub-domains with a content block page. For more information about content filtering, go to Manage User Access to Content in DNSWatch.

To manage DNSWatch content filtered domains:

  1. Log in to your DNSWatch account.
  2. Select Configure > Domain Filterlist.

Content Filtered Domains page

From this page you can:

  • Search to see whether a domain is currently allowed or denied
  • Add, update, and delete content filtered domains
  • Filter the domains

Domain Search

You can use the Domain Search feature to check whether a domain is already included in the DNSWatch feeds. If a domain is not found on a list, it appears in the search results as an allowed domain. If the results show that a domain is allowed and not on the Allowlist, you can select the Add to your Blocklist action in the search results to add it to the Domain Blocklist.

For more information about the Domain Search page, go to Search DNSWatch Domains.

Add a Single Domain to the Content Filtered Domains List

If you want to block a domain that does not appear in the domain feeds, you can manually add the domain to the Domain Filterlist.

You cannot add a domain to the Domain Filterlist if it is already on the Allowlist.

You can also add up to 100 new domains to the Domain Filterlist at the same time. Each domain is added as a separate list item.

Update a Filtered Domain

For each domain, you can update the description.

Remove a Domain from Domain Filterlist

When you remove a domain from the Domain Filterlist, DNSWatch does not deny DNS requests to it unless it appears in a Domain Feed.

Filter the Domain Filterlist

You can apply filters to find filtered domains that meet specific criteria. You can filter based on the domain name, the description, and the user who added the domain to the Filterlist.

To filter domains:

  1. Click Filter.
    A list of available filters appears.

Screen shot of the Filters options

  1. Specify one or more of the available filters.
  2. To apply the specified filters, click Apply Filters.
    The domain list is filtered and the filters are no longer visible.

To clear the filters:

  1. Click Filter.
  2. Click Clear Filters.
    The domain list is not filtered.

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