Verify the Connection Status of a Device

When a device is managed by your Management Server, and you enable device health monitoring in the Management Server settings, the device regularly contacts the server to verify the device is still online and connected to the server. You can see the device connection status on the Device page for that device. You can use this information to help you diagnose connection issues with the managed devices in your network.

For information about how to enable device health monitoring in the Management Server settings, see Configure License Key, Monitoring, and Notification Settings for the Management Server.

Connection status information appears in the Heartbeat section and includes the date and time that the device last verified the connection to the Management Server, as well as the current connection status of the device: Alive or Unavailable. A status of Alive indicates that your device is in contact with the Management Server. A status of Unavailable indicates your device is not in contact with the Management Server.

When a device has a status of Unavailable, the Heartbeat section header changes to the alert color, and the device appears in the Filtered View Unavailable category. For more information about Filtered View, see About Filtered View.

To verify the connection status of a device:

  1. Connect to Your Management Server with WSM.
    The Device Management tab appears.
  2. In the Management Server tree, select Devices.
    The Devices page appears.
  3. On the Devices page, double-click a device in the list.
    Or, in the Management Server tree, expand the Devices list, and select a device.
    The Device management page for the selected device appears, with the Heartbeat section at the top right corner.
  4. To expand the Heartbeat section, click the double-arrows at the right of the section.
    The connection status information appears for this device.

Screen shot of the Heartbeat section on the Device page

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