Connect to Your Management Server with WSM

To connect to your Management Server, from WatchGuard System Manager (WSM):

For compatibility, make sure the WatchGuard System Manager client is the same version as the Management Server.

  1. Click the Connect to Server icon.
    Or, select File > Connect to Server.
    Or, right-click anywhere in the WatchGuard System Manager window and select Connect To > Server.
    The Connect to Management Server dialog box appears.

Screen shot of the Connect to Management Server dialog box

  1. From the Management Server drop-down list, select a server by its host name or IP address.
    Or, type the IP address or host name.
    When you type an IP address, type all the numbers and the periods. Do not use the Tab or arrow keys.
  2. Type your user name for your user account on the Management Server.
  3. Type the passphrase for your user account.
    If you use the default admin account, the passphrase is the Administrator passphrase.
  4. If necessary, change the Timeout value.
    This value sets the time (in seconds) that WSM listens for data from the Management Server before it sends a message that it cannot connect.
    If you have a slow network or Internet connection to the device, you can increase the timeout value. This value is the duration you must wait for a timeout message if you try to connect to a Management Server that is not available.
  5. Click Login.
    The server appears in the WatchGuard System Manager window.

In some previous versions of WatchGuard security products, the WatchGuard Management Server was called the DVCP Server.

Disconnect from the Management Server

  1. Select the Management Server.
  2. Click the Disconnect icon.
    Or, select File > Disconnect.
    Or, from the Device Status page, right-click and select Disconnect.

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