Reinstall Endpoint Software Remotely (Windows Computers)

Applies To: WatchGuard Advanced EPDR, WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPP, WatchGuard EDR Core

To resolve a situation when WatchGuard Endpoint Security does not run correctly on a workstation or server, you can reinstall it remotely from WatchGuard Cloud.

Reinstallation Requirements

  • The target computer must be a Windows workstation or server.
  • A computer with the discovery computer role must exist on the same network segment as the computer you want to reinstall software on.
  • The discovery computer and WatchGuard server can communicate.
  • You have local admin or domain admin account credentials.

Identify Unprotected Workstations and Servers

Use the Unprotected Workstations and Unprotected Servers lists to find computers and servers on the network that need to have software reinstalled.

To identify unprotected workstations and servers:

  1. In WatchGuard Cloud, select Monitor > Endpoints.
  2. Select Status.

 Screen shot of WatchGuard Endpoint Security, Security dashboard

  1. In the My Lists section of the left pane, select the Unprotected Workstations and Laptops or Unprotected  Servers list.
    If these lists are not in your My Lists section, click Add to add them.

 Screen shot of WatchGuard Endpoint Security, Unprotected workstations and laptops list

  1. To view the details on why a computer is unprotected, select the computer in the list.

 Screen shot of WatchGuard Endpoint Security, Computer details error messages

Reinstall the Endpoint Software

You must reinstall the WatchGuard Agent and the endpoint security software separately. Go to the appropriate procedure:

When you click Reinstall, the discovery computer: 

  1. Connects to the computer you want to reinstall the agent on.
  2. Uninstalls the agent installed on the computer.
  3. Downloads a new WatchGuard Agent preconfigured with the customer, group, and network settings assigned to the computer. The agent is copied to the computer and runs remotely.

If an error occurs during the process, an uninstaller launches and, if needed, a message prompts the user to restart the computer. For information on software reinstallation errors, go to Computer Details – Icons and Notifications.

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