Configure Services and Devices

Set up and manage your services and devices from the Configure menu of WatchGuard Cloud.

Select Configure > AuthPoint to open the Summary page for AuthPoint and access the AuthPoint management UI, where you set up and manage your users, groups, resources, external identities, and the AuthPoint Gateway.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud, Configure AuthPoint Summary page

Select Configure > Devices to see a list of accounts and devices on the Device Settings page. You can configure settings that control whether a device can connect and send log messages to WatchGuard Cloud and upgrade firmware.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud Device Settings page

For Service Provider operators, the Configure > Devices > Overview page shows the total number of devices managed by the account. If there are no devices, then the Get Started page shows to activate a device. In the Navigation tile, click Manage My Account to open the My Accounts page. For more information, See Account Information.

Select Configure > Threat Detection to see the Containment Exceptions page and access the Host Sensor and ThreatSync management UI, where you set up and manage containment exceptions, exclusions, and settings. You can also manage ThreatSync groups, notification rules, policies, and signature overrides. For more information, see About TDR.

Select Configure > Endpoints to open a new tab with the Settings page for WatchGuard EPDR, EDR, or EPP. On the Settings page, you establish security, productivity, and connectivity parameters for the managed computers. For more information, see Manage Settings.

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