About WatchGuard Cloud Verification Codes

A Verification Code is required for your Firebox to register with WatchGuard Cloud. When you add a Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud, you copy a Verification Code. To enable WatchGuard Cloud on the Firebox you must use Fireware Web UI or Policy Manager to paste the Verification code into the Firebox configuration. The Verification Code is unique to the Firebox, and expires after 30 days.

For information about how to add a Firebox, see Add a Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud.

You can regenerate the Verification Code for a Firebox that has the status Never Connected. You can also regenerate a verification for a Firebox that has had the status Not Connected for longer than ten minutes.

If you regenerate the Verification Code for a Firebox that has previously connected, that Firebox cannot reconnect until you update the Verification Code on the Firebox.

For more information, see Regenerate the Firebox Verification Code.

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