Configure Mobile VPN Clients

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

After you save the Mobile VPN configuration, download the Mobile VPN client profile. The client profile is a compressed .TGZ file that contains configuration scripts and configuration instructions for IKEv2 VPN clients to connect.

Before you configure VPN clients, deploy the configuration to the Firebox. For more information, see Manage Firebox Configuration Deployment.

To download the Mobile VPN with IKEv2 profile:

  1. Select Configure > Devices.
  2. Select the cloud-managed Firebox.
  3. Click Device Configuration.
  4. In the VPN section, click the Mobile VPN tile.
    The Mobile VPN with IKEv2 configuration page opens.
  5. Click the Download tab.

  1. Extract the files from the .TGZ file. The file contains folders with instructions and scripts, certificates, and a README.txt file.

  1. For an overview of the client configuration process, open the README.txt file in the root folder.
  2. For instructions and a configuration script specific to your operating system, open the folder for your operating system. You can run the script to automatically add the IKEv2 VPN connection on your device.

For online versions of the instructions included in the .TGZ file, see:

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