About Wireless Firebox Configuration

You can enable up to three wireless access points on a WatchGuard Firebox wireless device.

The settings to configure a WatchGuard Firebox wireless device are in the Network > Wireless menu in both Fireware Web UI and WatchGuard System Manager.

When you enable the wireless feature of your Firebox wireless device, you can configure the external interface to act as a wireless client, or you can configure the device as a wireless access point for wireless users on specified networks. You can enable wireless clients to connect to the wireless device as part of the trusted network or part of the optional network. You can also specify a custom network to enable a wireless guest services network for your device, or use bridge or VLAN networks in your wireless configuration.

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Before you set up your wireless Firebox, we recommend you consider environmental factors, which apply to the installation of WatchGuard wireless Fireboxes. For example, you can use a wireless site survey tool to better understand your current environment and existing wireless signals before you add a new wireless Firebox to your network. Based on the results of your site survey, and the requirements of your wireless clients, you can plan which wireless modes and channels to use. You will also know more about the level of wireless noise in your environment, and can consider other factors, such as the position of walls, that can affect wireless signal range.

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