Enable a Hotspot on a Wireless Access Point

You can enable a hotspot for any of the enabled wireless networks on a wireless Firebox. When you enable a hotspot, you must select an interface for the hotspot. In the hotspot configuration, there are three interface names that correspond to the three wireless access points you can enable on the Firebox wireless device:

Interface Name Wireless Access Point
WG-Wireless-Access-Point1 Access Point 1
WG-Wireless-Access-Point2 Access Point 2
WG-Wireless-Access-Point3 Access Point 3

In the hotspot configuration, only the enabled wireless access points appear in the list of interfaces you can select.

After you enable an access point in the Firebox device configuration from Policy Manager, you must save the configuration to the wireless device before you can configure a hotspot for one of the enabled wireless networks.

To enable a hotspot, select Authentication > Hotspot.

Hotspot configuration settings for both wired and wireless Fireboxes are configured in the Authentication settings for your Firebox device.

For more information about how to configure a hotspot, see Configure a Hotspot.

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