About Firebox Wireless Configuration

When you enable the wireless feature of your Firebox wireless device, you can configure the external interface to use as a wireless client, or you can configure the Firebox as a wireless access point for users on specified networks.

You can enable wireless clients to connect to the Firebox wireless device as part of the trusted network or part of the optional network. You can also use a custom network to enable a wireless guest services network for your device, or use bridge or VLAN networks in your wireless configuration.

Wireless networking on Firebox wireless devices is not supported when the Firebox is configured in Drop-In mode (Fireware OS v11.9 or higher). External interface as a wireless client is not supported when the Firebox is configured in Bridge mode.

Before you set up wireless network access, go to Before You Begin for deployment tips on wireless planning and environmental factors that apply to the installation of WatchGuard wireless Fireboxes.

Before you can enable the wireless feature on your Firebox, you must get the feature key. For more information, go to About Feature Keys.

About Firebox Wireless Default Settings

Beginning in Fireware v12.5.3 and higher, Firebox wireless is enabled in the factory-default settings. This enables you to use a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the Firebox and run the Setup Wizard to set up the Firebox. For more information about how to connect to the Firebox to run the Setup Wizard, go to About Firebox Setup Wizards.

Use these default settings to connect to the Firebox wireless:

  • Default SSID — The Firebox model plus the last part of the wireless MAC address. For example: T55-W-A1:B2:C3
  • Default Password — The Firebox serial number (including the dash).

In addition, these settings are enabled by default:

  • 2.4 GHz radio enabled
  • ath1 wireless interface enabled and bridged to the Firebox Trusted interface
  • Wireless Mode — 802.11n/g/b
  • Security — WPA2 Personal

To run the Setup Wizard on the Firebox after you have connected through the wireless connection, open your web browser and go to

Configure Wireless

To configure wireless on your Firebox:

Enable Wireless to Your Networks

You can enable wireless settings for the trusted, optional, VLAN, bridge, or custom networks. For more information, go to Enable Wireless Connections.

Enable a Wireless Guest Network

You can configure any access point as a wireless guest network. For more information, go to Enable a Wireless Guest Network.