About AP Automatic Deployment

When automatic deployment is enabled, and an unpaired AP is connected to the network, the Gateway Wireless Controller automatically deploys and configures the AP for the specified auto-deploy SSIDs (this includes the security encryption settings and any other specific SSID settings). All other AP settings, such as radio settings, are set to default values.

This is useful in these deployment scenarios to automatically configure new APs:

  • If you need to deploy a large number of WatchGuard APs in your wireless network, and all the APs will be assigned the same SSIDs and do not require unique configurations.

  • If you want to add new APs to your deployment or replace existing device hardware with a new model, you can automatically configure the AP with your existing SSID configuration.

An auto-deployed AP is not automatically paired with the Gateway Wireless Controller, but is managed like a paired device and receives automatic firmware updates. Before you can change the configuration for this AP, or modify specific settings such as radio settings, you must pair the AP to the Gateway Wireless Controller.

APs must be activated with WatchGuard and have a valid AP license subscription before you can auto-deploy an AP. For more information, see About AP Activation and About Gateway Wireless Controller AP Licenses.

If automatic deployment is disabled, APs that were automatically deployed revert to factory-default settings in an unpaired state.

About Discovery Broadcasts

By default, the Gateway Wireless Controller uses a UDP broadcast on all networks to automatically discover connected APs. You can limit the networks that you use for AP discovery broadcasts. This is useful if you use the automatic deployment feature and need control over the networks that will allow APs to be automatically deployed. For more information on how to configure discovery broadcasts, see Configure Gateway Wireless Controller Settings.

Configure Automatic Deployment

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