WatchGuard AP Deployment Examples

These examples provide configuration details for the most common types of WatchGuard AP deployment scenarios.

WatchGuard AP with a Single SSID

For a basic type of wireless deployment in a small office with simple requirements, you can deploy one or more WatchGuard APs with a single SSID.

For a configuration example, see AP Deployment with a Single SSID.

WatchGuard AP with Simple Roaming

To extend the range of an SSID over a larger physical area, you can assign the same SSID to multiple APs.

For a configuration example, see AP Deployment with Simple Roaming.

WatchGuard AP with VLANs for Trusted and Guest Wireless Policies

For a more complex environment with additional security and policy requirements for wireless users, you can use one or more SSIDs for your wireless network with VLANs. VLANs enable you to apply wireless security policies for each SSID on the Firebox, and separate network traffic for each SSID on a dedicated VLAN, including a secure custom network for Guest wireless users.

For a configuration example, see AP Deployment with VLANs and Guest Network.

Mobile Wireless Security Examples

For examples that show how you can add Mobile Security to protect resources from mobile devices that connect to the Firebox through wireless connections, see Mobile Security Deployment Examples.

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