Configure Data Loss Prevention

To use Data Loss Prevention (DLP), you must have a feature key to enable the service.

For more information, see:

Enable DLP and Configure DLP Sensors

To enable Data Loss Prevention:

  1. Select Subscription Services > Data Loss Prevention.
  2. Select the Enable Data Loss Prevention check box.
  3. Save your configuration.

When you enable DLP, a warning message appears if automatic updates are disabled for Data Loss Prevention signatures. To configure automatic updates, see Configure the DLP Update Server.

After you enable DLP, you configure the DLP sensors to detect the content types that you want to monitor or control. Then you can enable DLP for each policy.

On the Sensors tab, you configure DLP sensors. For more information, see Configure DLP Sensors.

On the Policies tab, you can select which DLP sensor to use for each policy. For more information, see Configure DLP for Policies.

On the Custom Rule tab, you can create a custom rule that contains specific phrases to search for. For more information, see Configure DLP Custom Rule.

Configure other DLP Settings

To configure notification settings for DLP, click Notification Settings. For more information, see Set Logging and Notification Preferences.

To configure signature update settings, click Update Server. For more information, see Configure the DLP Update Server.

To specify files that you do not want DLP to scan, click File Exceptions. For more information, see Configure File Exceptions.

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