Manually Add or Remove a Feature Key

You must add a feature key to a new device, and you must update the device feature key after you activate a service or upgrade option. The updated feature key enables the functionality on your device. To update the feature key manually, you can download the feature key from the WatchGuard website, and then paste it into your device configuration file. Before you add the new feature key in Policy Manager, you must remove the old feature key.

To get the feature key for your device:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Log in to your WatchGuard account.
  3. On the Manage Products page, in the Network Security section, click View Products.
  4. Select a friendly name to open details for that device or product.

  1. Click Get Feature Key.
  2. Click Copy.
  3. Save the feature key to a local text file.

Manually Update the Feature Key

For detailed steps to update the feature keys for a FireCluster, go to About Feature Keys and FireCluster.

Remove the Feature Key 

If you remove the feature key from Fireware Web UI, some functionality is immediately disabled on the device. Without a feature key, the device allows only one connection to the external network.

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