Application Control Reports

After you have enabled Application Control and logging in your policies, you can use the predefined WatchGuard reports to see information about the applications used on your network. You can use Report Manager to view the Available Reports that the Report Server has already generated or you can generate new On-Demand Reports or Per Client Reports.

To generate Application Control reports, you must set up a Log Server and a Report Server. For more information about WatchGuard servers, see Set Up & Administer WatchGuard Servers.

These predefined WatchGuard reports are available for Application Control:

Application Control Reports

  • Application Usage Summary
  • Top Applications by User
  • Top Application by Host
  • Top Users Blocked
  • Top Hosts Blocked

Client Reports — Show which users use the applications

  • Top Clients by Application Usage
  • Top Clients by Blocked Applications
  • Top Clients by Blocked Categories

Client reports show the names of users who use applications if you have configured authentication on the firewall.

Before you configure Application Control to block applications, we recommend that you examine the Application Usage Summary and the Top Clients by Application Usage reports.

When you look at the Application Usage reports, consider these questions:

  • Does the report show any application categories that seem to conflict with corporate policy?
  • Are the applications appropriate for business use?
  • Which users use the applications? You can use reports that show application use by client. The authentication capabilities enable you to see client reports by user name rather than by IP address. You can also identify user traffic in Terminal Services environments.

For information about how to configure Terminal Services, see Configure Terminal Services Settings.

If the reports show an application that you are not familiar with, you can find information about the application on the WatchGuard Application Control Security Portal at

For more information about Log Manager and Report Manager, see See Log Messages & Reports in WebCenter.

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