Set Up & Administer WatchGuard Servers

When you install the WatchGuard System Manager software, you can choose to install one or more of the WatchGuard servers. You can also run the installation program and select to install only one or more of the servers, without WatchGuard System Manager. When you install a server, the WatchGuard Server Center program is automatically installed. WatchGuard Server Center is a single application you can use to set up and configure all your WatchGuard System Manager servers. You can also use WatchGuard Server Center to backup and restore your Management Server.

When you use Fireware Web UI to manage your Firebox, you can choose to also use WatchGuard System Manager servers and WatchGuard Server Center.

The five WatchGuard System Manager servers are:

  • Management Server
  • Log Server
  • Report Server
  • Quarantine Server
  • WebBlocker Server

With the release of Fireware v12.8, WatchGuard announced the deprecation of the WatchGuard Log Server, Report Server, and Quarantine Server. WSM v12.8.x releases include these server components, but higher WSM releases include only the WSM Client and Management Server.

To set up WatchGuard servers, see Set Up WatchGuard Servers.

For WatchGuard System Manager installation instructions, see Install WatchGuard System Manager Software.

For information about how to backup and restore your Management Server, see Back Up or Restore the Management Server Configuration.

Each server has a specific function:

Management Server

The Management Server operates on a Windows computer. With this server, you can manage all firewall devices and create virtual private network (VPN) tunnels with a simple drag-and-drop function. The basic functions of the Management Server are:

  • Certificate authority to distribute certificates for Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) tunnels
  • VPN tunnel configuration management
  • Management for multiple Fireboxes

For more information about the Management Server, see Install and Set Up the WatchGuard Management Server.

Log Server

The Log Server collects log messages from each Firebox and stores them in a PostgreSQL database. The log messages are encrypted when they are sent to the Log Server. The log message format is XML (plain text). The types of log message that the Log Server collects include traffic log messages, event log messages, alarms, and diagnostic messages. You can view the log messages from your Fireboxes with FSM Traffic Monitor and in Log and Report Manager.

For more information about Log Servers, seeSet Up Your Log Server.

For more information about how to view log messages in Fireware Web UI, see Traffic Monitor.

For more information about how to view log messages in Firebox System Manager, see Device Log Messages (Traffic Monitor).

For more information about how to view log messages in WatchGuard WebCenter, see See Log Messages & Reports in WebCenter.

Report Server

The Report Server periodically consolidates data collected by your Log Servers from your Fireboxes, and stores them in a PostgreSQL database. The Report Server then generates the reports you specify. When the data is on the Report Server, you can review it with Log and Report Manager.

For more information about reports and the Report Server, see About the Report Server.

For more information about how to view and generate reports, see See Log Messages & Reports in WebCenter.

Quarantine Server

The Quarantine Server collects and isolates email messages that spamBlocker identifies as possible spam.

For more information on the Quarantine Server, see About the Quarantine Server.

WebBlocker Server

The WebBlocker Server operates with the HTTP-proxy to deny user access to specified categories of websites. When you configure a Firebox, you set the website categories you want to allow or block.

The locally installed WebBlocker Server only supports Fireboxes with Fireware OS 12.1.x or lower installed. For more information, see the Fireware 12.1 Help.

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