See Log Messages & Reports in WebCenter

WatchGuard WebCenter is a web-based user interface that includes these tools:

  • Log Manager
  • Report Manager
  • CA Manager

From these WebCenter tools, you can see log messages and view reports for your Fireboxes and your WatchGuard servers, and manage and see a list of certificates on the Management Server. In WebCenter, log messages always appear in the local time on the client computer.

When you install a WatchGuard Management Server, Log Server, or Report Server, WatchGuard WebCenter is automatically installed on the management computer where you installed the WatchGuard server. The functions available in WatchGuard WebCenter depend on which servers are installed on that management computer. If you install only one of server on a management computer, the tools available in WebCenter are those related to that server. For example, if you install only a WatchGuard Log Server, only Log Manager appears in WatchGuard WebCenter. You do not see the Report Manager menu and you cannot generate any reports from that instance of WatchGuard WebCenter.

If your Log Server is located on a different management computer than your Report Server, or if you have more than one Log Server, you can connect to the instance of WatchGuard WebCenter on your Report Server management computer and use Report Manager to generate the reports for all devices that send log messages to those external Log Servers

You can also configure WatchGuard WebCenter to enable your users to view the log message data collected from the activity on your network in Log Manager. This log message data is converted into reports that users can review for the specific security devices on your network that you select. Reports are available as either Available Reports or On-Demand Reports. Available Reports are reports that are configured to run at a specific date and time. On-Demand Reports are reports that you can generate at any time.

All settings for report generation are configured outside of WatchGuard WebCenter, in the settings for your Report Server. For more information about how to configure your Report Server to generate reports, go to Configure Report Generation Settings.

Your users can use Report Manager to generate and review any of the standard, predefined report types that you select. The reports that appear in the web UI depend on which reports you choose to make available. To enable users to see reports, you must first add each user to the WatchGuard Server Center Users page. To control which users can see which parts of WatchGuard WebCenter, you use role-based administration. The information available to users in WebCenter is based on the permissions you set for each user.

For more information about how to add a user, go to Use WatchGuard Server Center to Configure Users or Groups.

WatchGuard WebCenter is compatible with Firefox 3.5 and higher, Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher, Safari 5.0 and higher, and Chrome 10.0 and higher. Make sure your users enable JavaScript for their browsers.

If you install WatchGuard System Manager behind your firewall, to use WatchGuard WebCenter you must add the WG-LogViewer-ReportMgr packet filter policy to your Firebox configuration. This policy opens the correct ports on your Firebox so that you can connect to WebCenter. You must also make sure that your management computer allows access over TCP port 4130.

For more information about how to add a policy to your configuration, go to Add Policies to Your Configuration.

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