About Policy Manager

Policy Manager is a WatchGuard software tool that lets you create, edit, and save configuration files. When you use Policy Manager, you see a version of your configuration file that is easy to examine and change.

For more information on how to open Policy Manager, go to Open Policy Manager.

Policy Manager Window

Policy Manager has two tabs: the Firewall tab and the Mobile VPN with IPSec tab.

  • The Firewall tab includes policies that are used for general firewall traffic on the Firebox. It also includes BOVPN policies so you can see the order in which the Firebox examines network traffic and applies a policy rule. (To change the order, go to About Policy Precedence.)
  • The Mobile VPN with IPSec tab includes policies that are used with Mobile VPN with IPSec tunnels.

In Policy Manager, a list of the policies you have configured and their basic settings appear by default. You can also view the policies as a group of large icons to help you identify a policy visually. To switch between these two views, go to About Policy Views.

Policy Manager also includes basic information about the open configuration file at the bottom right of the window. Details include information about the management mode and the Fireware OS version number for the configuration file you have open.

Screen shot of Fireware  Policy Manager for a v12.3 configuration file

Policy Icons

Policy Manager contains icons for the policies that are defined on the Firebox. You can double-click the icon or its associated entry to edit the properties for that policy. The appearance of the icons shows their status and type:

  • Enabled policies that allow traffic appear with a green check mark, or with a green bar and a check mark.
  • Enabled policies that deny traffic have a red X, or a red bar with an X.
  • Disabled policies have a black circle with a line, or a gray bar.
  • An icon with a shield symbol on the left side is a proxy policy.

The names of policies appear in color, based on policy type:

  • Managed policies appear in gray with a white background.
  • BOVPN policies (such as BOVPN-allow.out) appear in green with a white background.
  • Mixed BOVPN and firewall policies (such as Ping or Any-L2TP) appear in blue with a white background.
  • All other policies appear in black with a white background.

To change these default colors, go to Change Colors Used for Policy Manager Text.

To find a specific policy in Policy Manager, go to Find a Policy by Address, Port, or Protocol.

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