Downgrade to an Earlier Version of WSM

To downgrade from your current version of WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) to an earlier version of WSM, you must uninstall the currently installed version of WSM and then install the earlier WSM version.

Before you begin, make sure that you have the server and database backup files that you created when the earlier WSM version was installed on your management computer. You must also have the Administrator passphrase and the Log Server authentication key for the earlier Management Server and Log Server database files.

You cannot downgrade a Firebox to a version of Fireware lower than Fireware v12.1.3 Update 8, v12.5.9 Update 2, or v12.7.2 Update 2, based on your device model.

Step 1 — Uninstall the Current WSM Version

To uninstall WSM:

  1. Navigate to the Windows Uninstall or change a program page.
  2. From the program list, select WatchGuard System Manager and click Uninstall.
    The WatchGuard System Manager uninstaller starts.
  3. Click Next to run the uninstaller.
  4. On the Uninstall message that asks if you want to delete the server database and configuration files, click Yes.
  5. Complete the uninstaller.

Step 2 — Restore the Earlier WSM Version Server and Database Files

After the current WatchGuard System Manager version server database and configuration files are deleted, you must restore the server database and configuration files that you backed up before you upgraded WSM.

On the management computer, copy the files to the appropriate location for each server you want to install. You do not have to copy the files for the Management Server. Instead, follow the instructions referenced in Step 3 to restore the Management Server configuration.

For more information about database and configuration file locations for the other WatchGuard servers, go to:

Step 3 — Install the Earlier Version of WSM

Because this is the same version of WSM as the server database and configuration files that you restored in the previous step, the installer should detect the server configuration and try to restart your servers when you finish the installation.

To install the earlier WSM version:

  1. Run the WatchGuard System Manager installer for the earlier version of WSM.
    For more information about how to install WSM, go to Install WatchGuard System Manager Software.
  2. Complete the installer.
  3. On the Finish page, click Restart All Servers Now to start all the installed WatchGuard servers.
  4. If you installed the Management Server, from WatchGuard Server Center, restore the backup Management Server configuration you created before you upgraded WSM.
    For more information, go to Back Up or Restore the Management Server Configuration.
  5. In WatchGuard Server Center, from the left navigation menu, select Servers and verify that all the installed WatchGuard servers are running.

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