Review Your Configuration

At the end of the FireCluster setup wizard, the Summary page shows a summary of your FireCluster settings. These include the global cluster settings and the settings for each member device.

In the FireCluster Setup Wizard final dialog box, click Finish. The FireCluster configuration dialog box automatically appears. You can also select FireCluster > Configure in Policy Manager to see and edit the FireCluster configuration.

Review your FireCluster configuration, and make any further configuration changes you wish before you save the FireCluster to the cluster master.

If you want the second Firebox to be automatically discovered and added to the cluster, do not save the configuration file until you start the second Firebox in safe mode. For more information about safe mode, see Reset a Firebox.

If you save the configuration to the cluster master before you start the second device with factory-default settings, the cluster master does not automatically discover the second member. If the second member is not automatically discovered, you can use Firebox System Manager to manually trigger discovery as described in Discover a Cluster Member.

Configure Your Network Equipment for an Active/Active FireCluster

If you selected an Active/Active FireCluster configuration, make sure your other network equipment is properly configured to meet the requirements for an Active/Active FireCluster. FireCluster Active/Active may require changes to the configuration settings of some of the routers and switches on your network.

For more information , see Switch and Router Requirements for an Active/Active FireCluster.