Start WatchGuard System Manager Tools

From the Device Management tab, you can start many of the WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) tools that are available to help you configure and monitor your Fireboxes. You can also start WSM tools from the Tools menu.

For the Management Server, you can start:

  • Quick Setup Wizard
  • Generate Management Report (Tools menu only)
  • CA Manager
  • Log Manager
  • Report Manager

For more information about how to generate the Management Report, see Generate Management Reports.

For Fireboxes, you can start:

  • Policy Manager
  • Firebox System Manager
  • HostWatch
  • Ping
  • Expire Lease

For more information about the Expire Lease tool, see Expire the Lease for a Managed Device.

Policy Manager and Firebox System Manager connections are opened directly from the client computer that is connected to the Management Server through the WatchGuard System Manager interface. If the client computer is a remote device, the connection is initiated from the public IP address of the client, and not the public IP address of the Management Server.

To use WatchGuard System Manager tools from the Device page:

  1. Select the Device Management tab.
  2. Expand the Devices tree.
  3. Select the Firebox you want to configure or monitor.
    The Device Management page appears.
  4. In the Tools section, click the link for the tool you want to use.
    The selected tool application starts.

If you are logged in to the Management Server with user credentials that have administrator privileges, when you launch a WSM tool, you are not asked for the Status or Configuration passphrase of the Firebox.

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