Create a Device Configuration Template from a Configuration File

You can create a new Device Configuration Template from an existing configuration file on any of your fully managed Firebox or XTM devices. The Device Configuration Template that you create from a device configuration file is always of the same version as the device from which it was created. For example, if you create a configuration template from a fully managed v11.5.2 device, the template is a v11.4.x and higher configuration template, so it can only be applied to Firebox or XTM devices with Fireware OS v11.4.x and higher.

If the configuration file you use to create a new Device Configuration Template includes settings that cannot be included in a configuration template, those settings are not included in the Device Configuration Template you create from the configuration file. When you use this method to create a new Device Configuration Template, make sure to update the settings in the Device Configuration Template to remove any items that could cause problems when you apply the configuration template to your Firebox or XTM devices.

If you specify objects for deletion that are linked to items that remain in your configuration file after the template is applied, the link to the deleted items is removed from the items that remain. For example, if you specify an alias to be deleted and that alias is used in a policy that is not specified for deletion, when the template is applied to the device, the policy is not removed but the alias is removed from the policy. Make sure to verify that the items you specify for deletion do not create errors in your configuration files, such as a policy without a From or To address.

You can configure these options:

  • Aliases
  • Authentication Settings
  • Authentication Server settings
  • Authorized Users/Groups settings
  • Inheritance Settings
  • Logging settings
  • Polices
  • Proxy actions
  • Policy highlighting settings
  • Policy order mode settings
  • Schedules
  • SNAT actions
  • Subscription service settings
  • WebBlocker actions

To create a configuration template from a configuration file:

  1. From your Management Server, start Policy Manager for the configuration file of a fully managed Firebox.
    Policy Manager appears with the configuration file for the device.

Screen shot of Policy Manager with a configuration file for a fully managed XTM device

  1. Select File > Create Template.

Screen shot of the Policy Manager File > Create Template option

The New Template dialog box appears.

  1. In the Name text box, type a descriptive name for the new configuration template.

Screen shot of the New Template dialog box

  1. Click OK.
    The new configuration template opens in Policy Manager.

Screen shot of the new device configuration template in Policy Manager

  1. Update the configuration template to add or remove settings in the template and specify the Inheritance Settings.
  2. Select the Delete Objects tab and review the Objects To Be Deleted list.
  3. Make any additional changes to the items in the configuration template, the Inheritance Settings, and the objects to delete.
  4. Click  the Save to Management Server icon to save the template to the Management Server.
    The Save Comment dialog box appears.

Screen shot of the Save Comment dialog box

  1. In the text box, type a descriptive comment about the changes you made to the configuration template and click OK.

You can now apply the new configuration template to your Fireboxes of the same version. For more information, see Apply Device Configuration Templates to Managed Devices.

For more information about how to configure the settings for a Device Configuration Template, see Create Device Configuration Templates.

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