Firebox Reset and Recovery

The term factory-default settings refers to the configuration on the Firebox when you first receive it before you make any changes. The factory-default Firebox configuration enables the trusted and external interfaces with default settings, and includes the admin and status accounts with default passphrases.

You can reset a Firebox to factory-default settings if you lose the passphrases or just want to start over with a new configuration. The reset procedures differ by Firebox model.

You can start the Firebox in recovery mode if you want to use the WatchGuard System Manager Quick Setup Wizard to force a Fireware OS v11.x installation regardless of the OS version that is currently installed. This is generally used only for a downgrade if you do not have a saved backup image.

For more information about Firebox factory-default settings, and reset, and recovery procedures for each Firebox model, see: