Use Recovery Mode

You can use recovery mode if you want to use the WatchGuard System Manager Quick Setup Wizard to force a Fireware OS installation regardless of the OS version that is currently installed. When you start a Firebox in recovery mode, the device uses the version of Fireware OS that was originally installed when the device was manufactured. The Quick Setup Wizard finds the latest version of Fireware OS installed on the management computer and installs it on the Firebox. When you start the device in recovery mode, the Quick Setup Wizard installs a new OS image and removes all existing settings, backup images saved on the Firebox, certificates, and feature keys.

One reason to use recovery mode is to install an older version of Fireware OS on a device, if you do not have a device backup image. For more information, see Use the Quick Setup Wizard to Downgrade Fireware OS.

In Fireware 12.3 and higher, you can also use recovery mode to automatically restore a designated backup image from a USB drive that is connected to the Firebox. When the Firebox starts in recovery mode and a valid auto-restore backup image exists on a connected USB drive, the Firebox restores the backup image automatically and reboots. For more information, see Automatically Restore a Backup Image from a USB Drive.

If you only want to reset the device to factory-default settings, but do not want to change the OS version, use the steps to reset the device to factory-default settings. For more information, see Reset a Firebox,

Contact technical support for help if you have problems when you use recovery mode.

When the device is in recovery mode, it is ready to be discovered by the WSM Quick Setup Wizard.