Configure OneSpan Server Authentication

OneSpan server authentication uses the OneSpan Authentication Server (IAS) to authenticate remote users on a company network through a RADIUS or web server environment. OneSpan also supports multiple authentication server environments. The OneSpan one-time password token system enables you to eliminate the weakest link in your security infrastructure—the use of static passwords.

To configure OneSpan server authentication, use the RADIUS server settings. The Authentication Servers page does not have a separate OneSpan configuration.

To use OneSpan server authentication with your Firebox, you must:

  • Add the IP address of the Firebox to the OneSpan Authentication Server configuration, as described in the documentation from your OneSpan vendor.
  • Enable and specify the OneSpan Authentication Server in your Firebox configuration.
  • Add user names or group names to your policies.

To understand how to integrate the Firebox with a OneSpan Authentication Server, go to OneSpan Authentication Server Integration Guide.

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