Configure Hotspot Global Settings

In the Hotspots configuration, select the Settings tab to configure the global settings that apply to all enabled hotspots.

You can configure a limit on the number of guest user accounts that Guest Administrators can add. This setting limits the combined total number of users that Guest Administrators can add for all hotspots.

You can configure timeout settings to limit the amount of time that users can continuously use your hotspot.

  • If the Session timeout is set to 0 (the default value), guest users are not disconnected after a specified time interval.
  • If the Idle timeout is set to 0, users are not disconnected if they do not send or receive traffic.

When the timeout period expires, the user is disconnected. When users are disconnected, they lose all Internet connectivity but are still connected to the network. The hotspot screen reappears and the users must accept the Terms and Conditions again before they can continue to use the hotspot.

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