Configure Hotspot Settings

For each hotspot you enable on your Firebox, you can configure authentication requirements and customize the hotspot page.

The hotspot page is a web page that shows the terms and conditions users must agree to before they can use the hotspot. You can configure the text that appears on the hotspot page and customize the appearance of the page. You can also configure a hotspot to redirect hotspot users to a specified web page after they accept the terms and conditions.

If your Firebox runs Fireware OS v11.12 or higher, you can create a Walled Garden, which is a list of IP addresses, IP ranges, networks, and domain names your guests can connect to before they authenticate. For example, you can allow guests to connect to your company website before they authenticate.

In Fireware v11.12 through v11.12.4, the Walled Garden list was called Authentication Exceptions.

Before you begin, you must Configure a Hotspot.

Configure Hotspot Authentication

When you configure the hotspot, you must specify whether users can connect without authentication, or if they must authenticate with generated credentials. If you select to allow users to connect without authentication, you can specify the amount of time users cannot connect to the hotspot after their sessions time out. If you require users to provide generated credentials, you can select whether to generate user names and passphrases, or only passphrases.

Whether or not your hotspot requires credentials, users must agree to the terms and conditions to use the hotspot.

If you change the authentication method for an enabled hotspot, all previously generated user accounts for that hotspot are immediately removed.

Customize the Hotspot Page

On the Customize Hotspot Page tab, you can customize these elements of the hotspot page:

  • Page Title — Located at the top of the page.
  • Welcome Message — Located below the page title.
  • Logo — Located at the top left of the page, adjacent to the page title. The logo file must be a JPG, GIF, or PNG file. There is no size constraint on the logo file, but the recommended size is 90 x 50 pixels.
  • Terms and Conditions — This text appears in a scrolling text box in the center of the page.
    Each hotspot user must select the I have read and accept the terms and conditions check box below this text to accept your terms and conditions before they can use your hotspot.
  • Redirected URL(Fireware Web UI) — Specify a URL to send users to after they accept the terms and conditions.
  • Redirect URL (Policy Manager) — Specify a URL to send users to after they accept the terms and conditions.
  • Font and Size — Select the font and font size for the text that appears on the page.
  • Text color — The color for the hotspot splash screen text. The default color is #000000 (black).
  • Background color — The color for the hotspot splash screen background. The default color is #FFFFFF (white).

When you add a hotspot, you must configure the Page title and the Terms and Conditions. All other settings are optional.

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