Review Task Results

Applies To: WatchGuard Advanced EPDR, WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPP

You can review the results of a task and access a filter tool to find specific computers that received the task.

To review the current results of any published task, on the Tasks page, click View results.

Screen shot of a task in progress

The Task Results page opens with a list of task results.

Screen shot of the Task results page

The Task Results page shown for Service Provider accounts only includes Client, Group, and Detections or Patches Installed columns. To see the complete task details, you must open the management UI for the Subscriber account.

The Task Results page includes these columns:

  • Computer — Name of the computer where the task ran.
  • Group — Folder in the WatchGuard Endpoint Security folder tree that the computer belongs to.
  • Detections — In scan tasks, indicates the number of detections made on the computer.
  • Status — Status of the task, either Pending, In progress, Failed, Expired, Canceled, or Finished.
  • Start Date — Task start date.
  • End Date — Task end date.

You can filter the task results by date, status, or detections.

Screen shot of the task filter options

To view detailed information about detections, select View detections.

Screen shot of the Detections page

Select a specific computer to view the threat details:

Screen shot of a task threat details page

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