Add a Proxy (Windows computers)

Applies To: WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPP

When you create a network settings profile for a computer, you can add proxies that computers on your network use to connect to WatchGuard Cloud. Access to WatchGuard Cloud through a proxy is only available for Windows computers.

You can add or designate more than one computer on the network as a proxy. When there are multiple proxies, WatchGuard Endpoint Security uses the first proxy to connect to WatchGuard Cloud by default.

Proxies cannot download patches or updates through the Patch Management module. Only computers with direct access to WatchGuard Cloud or with indirect access through a corporate proxy can download patches.

Proxy Types

In the Add Proxy dialog box, you can select the proxy type you want to add:

  • Corporate proxy
  • Automatic Proxy Discovery Using Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol (WPAD)
  • WatchGuard proxy

If you select no proxy, access to the Internet is direct, not through a proxy. WatchGuard Endpoint Security uses the computer settings to communicate with WatchGuard Cloud.

We recommend that you configure a WatchGuard proxy only to enable isolated computers (those without an Internet connection, either direct or through a corporate proxy) to access WatchGuard Cloud. If no WatchGuard proxies are available, you must first designate a computer as a WatchGuard proxy. For more information, see Designate a Computer as a WatchGuard Proxy .

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